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Zoom-01.jpg is a Meeting Assistant that powerfully automates your entire meeting scheduling experience and everyday admin tasks. With you get to win back much-needed time and mental space for more meaningful work like hiring the best people and growing your company.

As one of Canada's most promising startup, wanted to refresh the look and feel of the automated welcome email that a potential user receives when they sign up on their platform for the first time. The brief was that such an email must be all-encompassing and yet not too overbearing. The aim through the content was to increase the open rates and the CTR%. 




For CRM content, I tried to re-imagine and re-create the copy for the initial welcome mailer  when you sign up on's platform. 

Subject Line: Welcome to your brand new automated world!

Sub text: Let's get Zoomin'

Subject Line: Seems like you're ready? We are too!

Sub text: Let's get Zoomin'

Subject Line: [INSIDE] Automation, automagic and lots more!

Sub text: Let's get Zoomin'

Disclaimer: All the above creatives are just impressions that are graphically created.

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