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Swiggy is India's largest Food Delivery service with 5,000 restaurants across 8 cities. It delivers food from restaurants through a strong fleet of 3,000+ and has 1.5+ million App downloads. 

Through a marketing campaign, they wanted to promote some features of their food delivery service like - lightning fast delivery, variety of restaurants listed, freshness of the food delivered, live order tracking et all.  Through these targeted campaigns, I aimed to write copies that would resonate with a food lover on a more personal level. While the visual language that reinforced the brand and evoked a sophisticated feel, the words used throughout the campaign were minimal but more intimate. 

These creatives were run on social media platforms and managed to garner the much-required clicks and interest for Swiggy. 

Artboard 1-100.jpg
Artboard 2-100.jpg
Artboard 4-100.jpg
Artboard 5-100.jpg
Artboard 3-100.jpg

Disclaimer: All the above creatives are impressions that are graphically created. 

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