Starbucks India wanted to launch a campaign for Valentine's Day. Proposals are generally considered to be a man’s job. On this special occasion, through this communication, I wanted to bring about a role reversal for all Starbucks customers - a proof of the changing times and of gender equality.


All communication for this campaign has been done from the point of view of a woman or a girl who is going to finally ask a guy out on a date, 

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Subject Line & Sub-Text

Email Campaign

Facebook Campaign

This Valentines, we’ll brew it and whip it with love and leave the serving to you. So, plan your day with us today and make that special one blush! Are you ready? Then why wait?
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Twitter Campaign

Should you, shouldn’t you. Or maybe you should! 
This Valentines, with Starbucks, it’s time to end the waiting game and make him blush. Click here & we’ll tell you how! 

Disclaimer: All the above creatives are impressions that are graphically created. They are not real images.