A friend  who is a social worker, wanted to spread awareness about 'Rapes in India' after the numbers reported in the newspapers got disturbing as each day passed.


She needed an impactful creative that she and her team could circulate on the internet and also put up as banners in institutions they were associated with. 3 days before I created this work, there was a widely reported rape in the newspapers. The horrific incidence that took place in the interiors of a northern state in India detailed a gruesome and a spine-chilling day when a father raped his own daughter.  Not able to get it out of my mind, I thought of channeling those feelings into the creative my friend needed. 

"Please Daddy, Never Again" is my tribute to the innocent girl who lost her life by the hands of the one who brought her in to this world. 

"Please Daddy, Never Again" 

Disclaimer: All views expressed or deduced are personal opinions and should not hold for/against any beliefs, religion or incidence.  All the above creatives are just impressions that are graphically created.