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Shouldn't Be Saying This 

-A Stand Up Comedy Show By Neelaksh Mathur

How serious is the business of comedy? It’s serious enough for aspiring comedians to take the leap of faith and quit their jobs to take a chance with comedy. More and more corporates have tuned into the idea of stand-up comedy as a viable entertainment at their events and are wiling to pay for the calibre of the artiste they invite. It may now also be safe to assume that this genre of entertainment is growing at a breakneck speed and is here to stay. 

I was invited to review the test show of one such budding comic, Neelaksh Mathur. With just 7 people in his audience, I was surprised at how driven and dedicated this 22 year old was. I guess that's how you'd define the greed to grow and make a mark. "The size of the audience will grow if my jokes are good enough, and right now I am working bottom's up", he says!


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”


This line by Saint Augustine truly sums up everything I feel about travel. I love myself when I travel. It’s not just the road you see, it’s the feel. Watching how people live across states, countries and continents and learning to be happy in their own cocoon of facilities (which might not even qualify as a facility for you!) is, believe you me, something else in itself. In many ways, travel changes you. I would not have vouched for this fact some years ago, but now, I must say, it does. In its own beautiful way, travel changes your distorted perception of the world. And once you have that in place, the way you look at people, at relationships, at success and at failure, changes. It changes for the good.


Darn! That’s how passionate I am about travel; forgot to introduce myself. Well, hello, I am Jaikishen Kaurani- an MBA by qualification, a bond trader by choice and an explorer by serendipity.


This December, having finally married the woman I dated for over five years, we were very sure that we didn’t want a cliché honeymoon.  Yes, it was supposed to be romantic, but not so romantic that we’d be bored of each other towards the end of it! After a lot of thought, why-did-I-even-marry-you discussion nights, you-just-don’t-get-it debates and ok-fine(s), we decided to explore the land of South Africa. Second to my marriage, it was one of my (as she just reminded me, ‘our’) best decisions ever!


So let me tell you a little something about this trip.

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