A few years back, Local Banya was India's answer to online grocery shopping, Founded by a group of young entrepreneurs, Local Banya was a household's one-stop-online-shop for all grocery and daily use products. The name 'Local Banya' literally translates into 'Local-Trader'. Although the company's existence was short-lived (it shut down in 2015, unable to keep up with the profit margins in an already unregulated business), it managed to grab attention due to it's 'quirky' way of approaching daily grocery needs. 


Along with a team of designers , I had a chance to work on the Brand Booklet of Local Banya. A Brand Booklets are essentially a set of rules that explain how your brand works. With Local Banya, we wanted to create a readable, friendly, colorful and a youthful Brand Booklet, just like how the brand was. Keeping the illustrated Banya as the spokesperson, we created a conversation filled Brand Booklet. It went on to grab eyeballs and enjoyed popularity with the stakeholders. 

Disclaimer: This project was outsourced and I  received it though a third-party who were directly working for Local Banya then.  The name of the company has been withheld on request.