KLS Memorial Hospital is the brainchild of Dr Amul K Sadiwala, who has gleaned over 30 years' experience running Dr. Sadiwala's Clinic and Nursing Home, to create a superior medical service with the latest updated technology & patient care facility. One of the aims of this modernized health care facility is to bring in state-of-art equipment and the latest medical gadgetry for excelling in the art of surgery thus enhancing patient care.

The hospital needed some out-of-home intelligent promotions to tell people about it's new upgrades and services. The only brief given was 'to build creatives that would promote the services of the hospital and yet tell people to stay out of hospitals as much as possible'.


As per the feedback received, these campaigns did wonders and put KLS in the list of the most promising hospitals of 2018 in Mumbai. 


Disclaimer: All the above creatives are just impressions that are graphically created. Project was received through a third-party who had core business with KLS.