Inshorts is an only-App news distributor for the new generation. Cutting the clutter, they deliver the news in 60 words or less.

To facilitate more downloads and to reach out to more people, Inshorts wanted to run a marketing campaign to help people know more about its existence. I decided that touching

base on important issues that trouble the world and yet trying to make news 'easy' is what should ideally come across in the communication. The only brief given was that the creative (main communication) should have less than 60 words. Voila! With a little design help, we churned out this campaign in less than 48 hours and these banners went up all across social media and outdoor media for promotion. 

Looking at the recent popularity of Inshorts, it seems like I managed to positively contribute to what we had set out to do! 

Disclaimer: All the above creatives are just impressions that are graphically created.