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Task: Deliver 3-4 fresh paid marketing collateral which can improve our CTRs & CPIs for urban women aged between 30-50

Solution Scoping: With all my experiences and collaborations, I have had a chance to work with various brands across mediums and collaterals for their creatives and copy. 

Along all of these experiences, there are a few learnings I have picked up, creative strategies particularly, that are important to incorporate while designing ads for higher CTR and lower CPI.

Being a direct consumer of Healthify Me, I have approached these creatives taking in to consideration my past learnings and also positioning myself as a recipient of these ads. "What kind of content will make me click and in turn download the App?", is a question I asked myself while ideating the following ads.

Please note:

1) CTA buttons are not added considering the host platform offers it as a technical addition.

2) These are just representations created keeping the basic style guide in mind. 

3) The sizing is maintained at 1080*1080 pixels to maintain uniformity. These can later be adapted to fit platform sizes. 

Healthify Me Assignment-02.jpg

Creative 1:

- Obsessively functional headline that is short, crisp and self explanatory. 
- A creative treatment that makes you stop and think and agree. Additionally gives an expert insight too!


Creative 2:

- Powerful headline that is interactive.
- Targets an emotion.
- Shows/displays an action.

Healthify Me Assignment-06.jpg
Healthify Me Assignment-03.jpg

Creative 3:

- Motivates via a proven user result.
- Includes numbers that establish results.
- Shows growth promise.
- Asks a question.
- A concept that tugs emotional engagement.


Creative 4:

- Includes 'you' and 'your' tonality that directly speaks to the TA.
- Establishes a customizable promise.
- Includes honest persuation.

Healthify Me Assignment-05.jpg
Healthify Me Assignment-04.jpg

Creative 5:

- Wins at aesthetic appeal.
- Gives an idea with a promise for more.
- Gives a solution to a generic problem (of having to think of healthy eating options)
- Incites temptation 

Creative 6:

- Witty in it's own right.
- Shows the App functioning for direct relatability. 
- Dismisses a globally infamous issue - DIETING!
- Subtly challenges fake promises.

Healthify Me Assignment-01.jpg

Disclaimer: All the above creatives are impressions that are graphically created. 

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