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Concert Review: Guru Randhawa India Tour

Guru Randhawa is an Indian singer and songwriter from Punjab, India. Guru Randhawa was born on 30 August 1991. Guru had always aspired to become a singer and used to participate in school singing competitions. He started learning the basics of music by watching TV and listening to famous singers. He kept on practising music, but his first preference was to complete his education. Randhawa has given many stage performances in India and abroad.

I had the opportunity to review his concert that happened in Mumbai India.

Read my review of the concert below!

He Came. He Sang. He Conquered.

On Friday the 8th of June, Dublin Square, a European themed venue at Phoenix Market City was a pleasant cacophony of pre-event hysteria, fan frenzy, and bubbling excitement. The prince of Punjabi music, Guru Randhawa, was all set to perform and the anticipation was palpable.

Although his India tour was announced just this summer, the popularity that this young star has amassed over the last few years is ginormous. It is primarily for this reason that even an unusual concert venue was brimming with fans and media alike.

The evening started with a jittery punk energy as celebrity DJ, Ali Merchant, rolled out some brilliant fast-paced mashups that had the crowd settling into the mood for the evening. Nothing indeed beats the feeling of screaming the lyrics of your favorite songs with a mob of people who are doing the same! For sixty minutes, Ali Merchant made sure that audience was aflame with energy and charged for what was going to come.

In the instant when he was done, the giant green oscilloscope projected behind the stage turned black, the music stopped, the arena lights went out and the anchor-man fell silent. If you’d listen carefully, you could have heard a thousand heartbeats, thumping in rhythm, ready to jump out of the rib cases as soon as the High Rated Gabru entered. And that is exactly what happened.

The moment when he stepped on the stage was drowned with a cheer loud enough for an outsider to stupefy. As the audience thrust their hands up in the air to welcome the young star, the venue was filled with the crooning of ‘Soniye Nakhra Tera Ni, High Rated Gabru Nu Maare; Munde Paagal Ho Gaye Ne, Tere Gin Gin Lakk De Hulare’ by Guru Randhawa and his fans in unison.

Smartly dressed in lounge pants, a basic t-shirt, and his trademark bold-shoulder jacket, Guru carried a distinct air of friendly openness along with his carefree stardom. After his introductory track, he thanked his fans for the unflinching support and credited them for his success. Before the crowd could feel the pink on their cheeks, the young star was narrating a hilarious episode in his personal life that left the audience in splits. The most cherished part of any big success is a personal level engagement with people who helped you get there. Guru Randhawa seemed to have mastered the tricks of the trade early in his career.

This short tête-à-tête was then followed by his ‘O Lagdi Lahore Di Aa, Jis Hisaab Naa Hansdi Aa, O Lagdi Punjab Di Aa, Jis Hisaab Naa Takdi Aa’. The anthem soon had nearly everyone in the house dancing along, proving that even six months after its release, it continues to remain one of the catchiest songs in Punjabi music.

The rest of the evening, the crowd collectively bounced to the beats of his other numbers and expertly sang along to the chorus of songs like ‘Tenu Suit Suit Karda’, ‘Ban Jaa Tu Meri Raani’, ‘Raat Kamaal Hai’, ‘Patola’ and many more. Soloing on the mike all throughout the three remaining hours, Guru Randhawa aptly proved why he deserves every bit of the success and fame that has come his way.

While small anecdotes in Hindi laced with a twang of Punjabi added to the intimate experience of the concert, Guru also made sure that he accommodates requests and accept fan gifts. This further sent the crowd into a never-before-seen euphoria. LED projectors mounted on the stage sometimes drenched the screen with synchronized color and sometimes assaulted the audience head-on. Even they seem to be having a TGIF moment!

As the night came to an end, Guru once again thanked his fans for being the strong force behind his glory. “I can’t express in words really how much this means to me,” he said in Punjabi. The crowd rewarded him final cheers and claps and thanked him unanimously for a spellbinding evening.

All in all, this raat was kamaal!

Disclaimer: When this post was created, I was an employee of BookMyShow. The work displayed has been done with true faith and passion. This article was published in June 2018 here

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