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More often than not, we want to do a lot of things for the unfortunate and the terrorized and the underprivileged and the abused. However, in the face of reality, we all buckle down. During times times, what matters finally is the moment when our 'want-to-help' converts into 'will-help'.

I received this project from a group of students studying in the Texas A&M University who intended to further use it for their project. The organization in concern was CRY (Child Rights & You). CRY was all set to launch a '50 Cent Campaign' asking donors to contribute as little as 50 Cents. The collection would in turn be utilized towards helping abused and impoverished children. Keeping the aforementioned concept in mind, I intended to create a series of hard-hitting posters with just a simple message question: We know you want to help, but will you?

Although photography played a huge role, the way the message was communicated was well-appreciated and the group of students went on to win the competition. 

When we all contribute just 50 cents from our pockets, a ray of hope smiles somewhere on an unfortunate child. Help us raise this bar of hope. 50 Cents is all it costs

Disclaimer: All the above creatives are impressions that are graphically created. They are not real images. 

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