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Copywriter. Design

Enthusiast. Friend. Conversationalist. Book lover. Entrepreneur. Thinking machine. 

"Words are our most inexhaustible

source of magic."

-J. K. Rowling

Born to extremely affluent (read: stinkin' rich)  parents, I had a childhood that could best be described as middle-class-in-a-jiffy! Having never known how to handle not having money, I channelized all my energies into getting some great grades. I managed. Graduated. MBA'ed.

Got a job as a banker. Hated it. 

9 months of home-stay and about 9 million reminders of 'if-you're-not-doing-anything-then-get-married-at least',  I gave one of my long time passions a serious shot- design. The Cat's Pajamas was born. Collaborations followed. As this venture soared, I got a chance to work with some brilliant professionals and great agencies doing award winning work across domains. It's been over 5 years now and I've been busy. I love busy. Busy is great. 

Along with this, I also dabbled with a full-time day job as a senior copywriter and content manager. Wore many hats, saw great success, loved every moment of it too. This job gave a passionate writer an opportunity that others were reluctant to extend to a failed banker. 

Copy On My Mind is a result of this passion for writing, of finding truths to tell compelling stories, of emotional branding and of creativity that touches people. 

I believe that if my words can make you move, think, reflect, live better, get smarter, laugh, cry, challenge and change the way you relate to your routine, then I sure did a good job. My dream is to one day write something that is worth plagiarizing; but until then, I'll settle for the one above. 

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