Children are the leaders of tomorrow. With today's fast-paced lifestyle, Mental illness has become the leading cause of illness and disability amongst adolescences.


The #YouAreNotAlone school program by Live. Love. Life foundation aims to educate the young minds about Depression, Stress and Anxiety so that they'll be equipped with the tools to combat symptoms of the same. The foundation believes that this program will give young adults the knowledge and sensitivity needed to support themselves and their peers.

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Disclaimer: This project was done as a part of my partnership with the Live. Love. Life foundation.

ITC Savlon wanted to create a film that speaks to the importance—and ease—of washing our hands. To bring the idea to life, the film features the inspirational story of artist Swapna Augustine. The film shows her painting and going through everyday routine life, then practicing simple but important hygiene before eating. The difference? Swapna must use her feet to do everything.