Pond’s believes women should always feel free to pursue their interests and passions, regardless of what others might think of them.


With the brand in two, we created a film, called “See What Happens”, which tells the story of a young girl who loves boxing, but worries that her mother won’t approve of her interest.


Eventually, she decides to no longer hold back, revealing her love for the sport out in the open.

Capability: Health & Wellness I Advertising

Disclaimer: This project was done as a part of my employment with Ogilvy Worldwide.

To help build the habit of hand washing with soap among children in rural India, Savlon introduced special chalk sticks infused with soap. These could be used to write just like regular chalk sticks, but the chalk powder collected on kids’ hands while writing turned into cleansing soap when their hands came in contact with water. The simple innovation automatically turned washing hands with soap into a daily habit without requiring any extra effort from children.
Ponds - See What Happens