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Because I can tell your apart from 

"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you."

—Ray Bradbury

you're and on most occasions, it makes all the difference.

If I haven't yet managed to convince you, please keep scrolling. 

It is easy to use fancy words and bring potential users to a platform. It is equally difficult to use those same fancy words and keep them on your platform. 

Having spent almost 7 years as a writer, I have managed to arm myself with tolerably amazing copywriting skills- copy that is human oriented, encouraging, concern-free, empathetic and self-explanatory. I have assisted brands define and develop their communications, tell their stories and sell their products. 

Digital products are re-defining the future of consumerism, and user-oriented interfaces are finally bridging the gap between clumsy and concise. With microcopy by my side, I aim to embark on a journey with brands to help them build smart, soulful products. 

If there is one thing that I have mastered, it is this- the art of stitching words together in a way that they don't need to say anything; because they whispered and it did the trick.


Oft you might think that investing huge amounts of money just to write micro-copies for your product is an unfruitful plunge. I am sure you can write a few lines yourself and I am sure they'll be great; but one missing word, one innocent spelling error or one erred tense can send you in a downward spiral of bad messaging, jeopardizing 10x more than what you thought a copywriter would cost you. 

When you invest in me, you're not only investing in an able copywriter, but also in a friendly, outgoing, affable person. I get along more or less with everyone, but I can get very 'into’ my work too. (it’s the one thing that keeps me from flogging big issues so I’m serious about it). I want the place I work for or clients I work with to be talked about because of the sensational work that we do together. Nothing would make me happier than to see your brand get an all new shining personality, each tap, click, scroll, and swipe at a time. 


I have a proven track record in helping businesses weave stories for lead generation, engagement, to establish curiosity, to educate and to sell. 


My love for English language is a love so strong that I know (almost) all the rules and am in my confident best ability to break them; in turn, making them more powerful. 


Polishing words is what I do for a living! Nope, not a moonlighting call-center employee, not even a failed author and nor a heartbroken lover. Just a professional copywriter with classy, sassy, shiny words. 


From turning school assignments into sweeping tales of fantasy epics to having attempted to re-write Harry Potter, I’ve done it all. Let’s just say, I’ve got the chops!


Because if my words can't make you smile then I believe there is little point in writing at all. 


On most occasions, I'd like to believe that crowds are positive. I have spent the past 7 years working for companies of different shapes and sizes, gigantic, big, small, tiny- all of 'em; they are my crowd and I am confident that I've not let them down. 


Feelings and emotions and laughs and cries are great but so is money. My words have a demonstrated art of brand recall which lead to better footfalls, in turn, better money. (hopefully)


From intimate clothing for men to shipping containers and from petroleum products to strip clubs, I have written compelling, emotional branding stories across domains and industries and manged to sound convincing too!


Be it long sessions of brainstorming, or burning the midnight oil for researching, be it reviewing the existing or providing a quick copy fix- I can assist with your need keeping in mind that perfect brand picture you have.


Yeah, I am a proud gold digger- for stimulating conversations, unmasked intelligence and fly ball experiences. These are the moments in which I find my best words and I wouldn't trade it for anything.


My work comes with a fixed quote and (almost) unlimited number of revisions. No chargeable overheads, whatsoever. And if that doesn't lift your spirits, then I don't know what will! 


I love working with the expected to create the unexpected. I live for that stakeholder thrill when they finally connect to the communication I've drafted. It defines my wins and I love being a winner. 


Words have little meaning unless they are placed well. With graphic design talents to my credit, I am also a sign poster for copy placement and copy design. 


Copywriter may be singular but brilliant copywriting is always plural. So, weather you are a small associate in a large firm or the CEO of a star start-up, your ideas, insights and intuitions matter during the process. In fact, they are absolutely necessary. 


Having mastered the art of collaboration with designers, art directors and marketeers, I know my words can influence ideation and that they can trust me. And if they can, then why shouldn’t you?


From news writing to narrative storytelling, through my writing I have always tried to spread the infectious power of words- those that can inform, entertain and persuade.


Well, everyone likes to be rewarded and I get mine when the biggest chunk of my work comes through word-of-mouth, repeat business, client recommendations and agency referrals.


I have always put passion before anything else. I come much cheaper than any agency and sometimes, I close deals just because the work gives me a rush. No terms and conditions apply.


Drafting eye opening communications is my poison and live for it. During the times when I have full creative liberty, you can be confident of collaborating on masterpieces you’ll love!


Recall that smile when you finally understand the meaning of a complex block of literature? Well, I aim to do the same using plain, reader-friendly English!


Because sometimes all we need is to turn on those waterworks and feel deeply through the written word.


Hierarchy doesn’t matter, but friendship always does; and working with friends always makes things a lot easier, doesn’t it?


Because it’s better than being peevish, pretentious, pointless or a prat!


Because a little bit of lunacy can take someone places! (haha)

So, now that you know so much about me, take a look at my work and meet the clients whom I've worked for. If you're convinced already, get in touch here.

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